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2241 Springfield Road
Kelowna, BC

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Ironclad intends to build luxury multi-family residential apartments and has submitted development applications to the City of Kelowna. The proposed housing will welcome seniors, young professionals & families to become part of the Springfield Spall Neighbourhood in Kelowna, BC.

Stakeholders are encouraged to learn about the development proposal and fill out an online survey at the end of the webpage.


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Mission Heights Site Context


Ironclad has conditionally acquired the Subject Property 2241 Springfield Road (identified on map) and has submitted development and planning applications to the City of Kelowna.

Adjacent properties include:

  • North      Orchard Park Shopping Centre
  • East        Vacant Land and Mission Creek Regional Park
  • South      4 to 5 Storey Multi-Family Buildings
  • West       Commercial Strip Mall and 3 to 5 Storey Multi-Family Buildings

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Mission Heights Design Proposal


The following images are conceptual proposals of the design.

2021-04-23 13_32_23-Draft-Tillicum.pdf -

5 Mid-Rise Apartment Buildings
1 Standalone Commercial Building

2021-04-23 13_31_25-Draft-Tillicum.pdf -

Surface and Underground Vehicular Parking

Surface and Underground Bicycle Parking

Community and Resident Amenity Spaces

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Page 3 - Design02(1).jpg
Page 3 - Design03(1).jpg
Page 3 - Design04(1).jpg
Mission Heights Development Process


Conduct Professional Studies for Civil Servicing & Environmental Assessment

Prepare Conceptual Development Proposal

Attend Preapplication Meeting with the City of Kelowna

Revise Development Proposal

Submit Development Applications to the City of Kelowna

Host Neighbour Consultation Webinar

Development Application Municipal Review Period

Development Application Revision Period

Development Application Presented at Council & Public Hearing

Obtain Development & Building Permits

Anticipated Construction Start

Mission Heights FAQS


Project Information

Q: Why is this site being developed?
A: The site is currently vacant and is adjacent to major employment centres such as the Orchard Park Regional Shopping Centre. It is located within the Midtown Urban Centre and is designated for residential/commercial development. The Kelowna Official Community Plan encourages multi-family residential development to achieve growth objectives within the Midtown Urban Centre.

Q: What does the Development Application include?
A: Ironclad submitted a comprehensive Development Application package including an Urban Design Major Development Permit and Minor Re-zoning Application to re-zone the property from Urban Centre Commercial (C4) to Urban Centre Commercial Residential Rental Tenure (C4r). C4r will permit the construction of five (5) mid-rise rental multi-family buildings, ground-floor commercial and one (1) standalone commercial building along Benvoulin Road.

Q: Why are you proposing rental apartment housing?
A: Ironclad focuses on constructing luxury rental multi-family housing. The development proposal is encouraged by the policies and directions stated in the Kelowna 2030 Official Community Plan Bylaw No.10500, “contain urban growth by encouraging compact and mixed-use (residential and commercial) urban and village centres and a range of housing types and tenures.”

Q: How can stakeholders be informed of the development process?
A: Stakeholders are encouraged to refer to the project webpage for development updates.

*FAQs will be revised after the Virtual Public Engagement Meetings

Mission Heights Online Survey

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in this project.

If you have any questions about the development proposal, please contact Ironclad at:

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