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Onyx on the Red – Onyx Phase II





Ironclad Developments understands nearby residents may be interested in the development process.

Neighbours are encouraged to learn about the development proposal and fill out an online survey at the end of the project landing page.

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Onyx 2 Site Context


The Subject Site, 1792 Pembina Highway is located along the east side of Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB. The location is within an amenity-rich corridor serviced by public transit, grocery stores, commercial stores, restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, dental offices, and educational institutions ranging from elementary to post-secondary. 

The proposed development will be the second phase of The Onyx, a new multi-family housing at the front of 1792 Pembina Highway.
The Subject Property allows for Residential Multi-Family Large (RMF-L) zoning, which encourages development up to 15 Storeys. 

Ironclad Developments has been in correspondence with The City of Winnipeg and The Province of Manitoba for a subdivision application of the Subject Property (Onyx Phase 1 and Onyx Phase 2) including the rezoning and dedication of the riverbanks lands for public use, and ensuring the development meets Designated Floodway Fringe Area Regulations.

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Onyx 2 Design Proposal


Ironclad Developments is exploring design options that are contextually sensitive to the community. The proposal includes multi-family housing that is amenity-rich. 

The following images are conceptual proposals of the design.

Pembina Tower Request (1)-web.jpg
Pembina Tower Request (3) (2)-web.jpg
Pembina Tower Request (2)-web.jpg
Onyx 2 Development Process


Community Feedback

Community Engagement With Adjacent Residents

Project Mailers DistributedTo Neighbourhood

Receive And Review Community Feedback

1-2 Months

Municipal Review Process

Construction Process

Submit to the City of Winnipeg

Application Reviewed by City

Hearing Before City Centre Community Committee

Approval by City Council

Obtain Development & Building Permit

Construction Start

Rent Units

Construction Completion

8-12 Months

18-24 Months

Onyx 2 FAQS


Project Information

Q: Who is the owner of the Subject Property?
A: Ironclad Developments is the owner of the Subject Property and the applicant for the development and rezoning of Onyx Phase II.

Q: Why is the site being rezoned? 
A: The site is currently zoned Residential Multi-Family Large “RMF-L”, which permits the type and scale of development proposed. At the request of the City of Winnipeg, Ironclad is proposing to rezone the riverbank lands adjacent to the Red River to Parks and Recreation “PR-1” and dedicate those lands to the City. The City desires the riverbank's land for public open space and a future recreational pathway.

Q: Does the design concepts include access to river/recreational pathways?
A: Yes, Ironclad Developments is dedicating the riverbank lands to the City of Winnipeg to facilitate the proposed South Winnipeg Parkway Path. We are proposing a connection to link our proposed project to the proposed City pathway as an amenity for our residents.

Q: Can development occur on this site? Is it not within the floodplain?
A: The site is within the flood protection dike, and development can occur provided it meets the requirements of the Designated Floodway Fringe Area Regulations. These regulations require that any developed portion of the site be constructed at an elevation of 241.47m, and that any habitable area be constructed one meter above that level. The proposed development meets or exceeds those requirements.

Q: Will the project be proposing any improvements to Adamar Road?

A: The project is proposing to construct a cul-de-sac turnaround for Adamar Road, a portion of which will occur on the existing Onyx Phase I site. The cul-de-sac turnaround area will be dedicated to the City and become part of the Adamar Road right-of-way. The project will also be responsible for the construction of a sidewalk on the north side of Adamar Road out to Pembina Highway. These improvements are at the request of the City of Winnipeg.

Q: Are there existing development in the area that is comparable to the proposed height of 16 Storeys?
A: Yes, adjacent development ranges from 6 to 15 Storeys. The Onyx Phase II proposal meets the density requirements in the City of Winnipeg Zoning Bylaw and is supported by the Complete Communities Directional Strategy for land use and development.

Q: Who are the targeted demographics of the purpose-built rental units?

A: The housing units are suitable for families, young professionals, retirees and students. The unit composition will include 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms.

Q: Is there a Market Demand for rental properties?
A: Yes, Onyx Phase II is on track for full occupancy. The community continues to show a demand for quality rental housing in close proximity to good transit service. 

Q: Will there be sufficient parking for the potential tenants?
A: Yes, Ironclad Developments intends to meet the parking requirements for the development on-site. In addition, both Onyx Phase I and Phase II are well serviced by transit. The property is directly adjacent to a high-frequency bus route along Pembina Highway and within a 5–8-minute walk to the Plaza Rapid Transit Station.

Questions from Neighbours

Q: How can stakeholders receive project updates?
A: Stakeholders can visit the project web page for updates on the development proposal.

Q: How can stakeholders get involved with the development process?
A: Ironclad Developments will host an online discussion and receive feedback from residents directly adjacent to the Subject Property. In addition, the community at large will receive an informative brochure detailing the project overview. Ironclad welcomes comments and questions from nearby residents and property owners at any time.

Q: How long will construction take?
A: Approximately 18-24 months after the development permit has been issued.

Q: Will the construction of this proposed development impact adjacent residents’ privacy?
A: No, Ironclad Developments is aware of privacy concerns between potential and existing residents. The design will conform to Zoning regulations of building setbacks and include strong urban design principles of building orientation and footprint, window and balcony placement, and quality landscaping as a buffer between properties.

Onyx 2 Online Survey


Thank you for your interest in this project.

If you have any questions about the development proposal, please contact Ironclad at:

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