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Tillicum Rd/Obed Ave/Albina St



Ironclad Developments understands nearby residents may be interested in the development process.

Neighbours are encouraged to learn about the development proposal and fill out an online survey at the end of the project landing page.



The site is located in the Tillicum neighbourhood of Saanich, BC. The site itself constitutes half a city block, bounded by Tillicum Rd to the west, Obed Ave to the south and Albina St to the east. The site is conveniently located within walking distance to a number of landmarks and amenities, including the Tillicum Centre mall, Gorge Park, GR Pearkes Rec Centre, as well as a variety of local restaurants, retail outlets and service establishments.

The site location is one of the only areas in the Tillicum neighbourhood identified as a future site for mid-rise apartment housing, as envisioned by the Tillicum Local Area Plan (2000). Tillicum Rd is intended to transform into the Main Street of an urban village and Saanich planning policy encourages redevelopment of properties along Tillicum Rd up to eight stories in height.  

Ironclad Developments has been in correspondence with Saanich District officials for a rezoning and development permit application. Both applications will be submitted to the District of Saanich later this Spring. 



Ironclad Developments is exploring design options that will meet the objectives of the Tillicum Local Area Plan Design Guidelines and be contextually sensitive to the community. 

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Two Building Proposed:
6- Storeys along Tillicum Rd & 5-Storeys along Albina St

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Underground Parking

Bicycle Parking

Resident Amenity Space

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Pre-Application Meeting with the City

Conduct Professional Studies for Traffic, Civil Servicing & Environmental Assessment

Internal Review

Host Meetings with Adjacent Neighbours

Receive & Review Feedback

Internal Review

Submit Re-zoning and Development Permit Applications to the District of Saanich.

Reviewed by District Staff


Host Round 2

Meetings with Adjacent Neighbours & Community

Present to Advisory Design Panel (‘ADP’) 

Revisions to Architectural Package

First Council Hearing

Notify Community & Present at Public Hearing

Anticipate Re-zoning & Development Permit Approvals 

Anticipate Building Permit



Project Information

Q: Why is the site being rezoned?
All 14 lots in this site assembly are zoned ‘RS-1’ according to the Saanich District zoning by-law [No. 8200], which only permits the construction of single-family housing and accessory buildings. Ironclad Developments must apply to the District of Saanich to re-zone the lands to a zone that permits apartment housing – in this case, we will apply to re-zone the site to the ‘RA-10’ zone.

Q: Why are apartment buildings being proposed on this site? 
Saanich District has had policies for decades that encourage the redevelopment of properties along major corridors such as Tillicum Rd. The intent is that higher-density redevelopment will make efficient use of infrastructure such as roads and public transit, and support local commercial establishments. The subject site has been identified by the District as a viable location for apartment housing since 1989, and is specifically highlighted in the Tillicum Local Area Plan (2000). More recently, the District published a Housing Needs Assessment (2020), specifically highlighting the urgent need for more purpose-built rental housing throughout Saanich to address the chronic housing shortage. 

Q: Will the project be proposing any improvements to Tillicum Road? What about Obed Avenue or Albina Street?
Ironclad Developments will be required to upgrade all underground utilities and all three streets. More specifically, Ironclad Developments will build sidewalks and landscaped boulevards (which will include street trees) along Tillicum Rd, Albina St and Obed Ave. Ironclad Developments will also dedicate property to the District of Saanich in order to extend the existing bike lane south, eventually terminating at Gorge Rd.

Q: Are there existing developments in the area that are comparable to the proposed building heights?
Yes, adjacent developments ranges from four to six stories. Recent projects at 300 Gorge Rd and 2933 Albina Ave have been approved with heights at five stories. Additional projects currently in the pipeline propose building heights on Tillicum Rd at six stories and above.

Q: Who are the targeted demographics of the apartment rental units?

A: The housing units are suitable for families, young professionals, retirees and students. The unit composition will include 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms.

Q: Is there a Market Demand for rental properties?

A: Yes, the community continues to show strong demand for quality rental housing in close proximity to good transit service. 

Q: Will there be sufficient parking for the potential tenants?
Yes, Ironclad Developments will provide vehicular parking for residents and additional parking for visitors. Additional space for bicycle parking and e-scooters will also be provided, and car-share vehicular parking is being explored 

Q: How long will construction take?
Approximately 18 months after the development permit has been issued.

Questions from Neighbours

Q: How can we receive project updates?
Ironclad Developments will provide project updates on this webpage. 

*FAQs will be revised after each round of Virtual Public Engagement Meetings

Virtual Public Engagement

To learn more about the planning rationale and design process, we encourage interested stakeholders to watch a live recording of our Virtual Public Engagement Session conducted in May 2021. To protect the confidentiality of our neighbours, we have omitted the Q&A discussion from the live recording. All questions will be transcribed and uploaded onto our FAQs section.


Online Survey

Thank you for your interest in this project. 

Please fill out this online survey as all feedback is considered valuable to the development process. All information will be used for internal review.

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