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1 Terminal Avenue

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Ironclad Developments is proposing to build multi-family housing on the western portion of 1 Terminal Ave.
The proposed housing will welcome seniors, young professionals & families to become a part of Downtown Nanaimo’s Urban Centre and enjoy adjacent natural amenities such as the Waterfront, Barsby Park & Bowen Park.

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Ironclad Developments has conditionally acquired the Subject Properties (identified on map):

  • 55 Mill St

  • Western Portion of 1 Terminal Ave

  • 500 Comox Rd

The identified properties will become the first development part of a Comprehensive Masterplan for 1 Terminal Ave.
Adjacent properties include:

  • North: 4-Storey Multi-Family & Barsby Park

  • East: Townhomes, 3-Storey Multi-Family, Eastern portion  of 1 Terminal Ave & Harbourfront Walkway

  • South: Downtown Nanaimo

  • West: 4-Storey Multi-family, Commercial & Bowen Park

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Ironclad Developments is exploring design options that are contextually sensitive to the community. The following images are early conceptual proposals of the design.

2021-04-23 13_32_23-Draft-Tillicum.pdf -


2021-04-23 13_31_25-Draft-Tillicum.pdf -

Underground Vehicular Parking

Bicycle Parking

Resident Amenity Space & Rooftop Terrace

Connection to Harbourfront Walkway & Downtown Nanaimo

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Pre-Application Meeting with the City of Nanaimo

Conduct Professional Studies for Traffic, Civil Servicing & Environmental Assessment

Host Meetings with Adjacent Neighbours

Receive & Review Feedback

Submit Development Applications to the City of Nanaimo

Host Webinar to Community

Receive & Review Feedback

Revise Development Application

Notify Community of Public Hearing

Public Hearing & Council Approval

Obtain Development  & Building Permits

Construction Start



Project Information

Q: Why is this site being developed?
A: The Nanaimo Downtown Plan identified the site as “Downtown Centre – Urban Node” and encourages various housing forms, including medium-density residential. The site is well connected to Downtown and the Waterfront and is a great place to build homes for seniors, young professionals and families.

Q: Who owns the site?
A: The site is a part of a Comprehensive Masterplan initiated by the Master Developer and City of Nanaimo. The Masterplan includes 1 Terminal Ave, 55 Mill St & 444/450 & 500 Comox Rd. Ironclad Developments has conditionally acquired the Subject Properties 55 Mill St, 500 Comox Rd and the western portion of 1 Terminal Ave and is proposing to build the first development apart of the Comprehensive Masterplan.

Q: Will the proposed development include community upgrades (i.e. Improved public pathways or bicycle routes?
A: The site is well connected to the Waterfront and Downtown. Architectural features and universally accessible design are proposed along with the connections of Harbourfront Walkway & Comox Rd. In addition to the proposal, The City of Nanaimo requires developers to provide a Community Amenity Contribution fee to finance community upgrades. Further consultation with the City is required to determine off-site upgrades.

Q: Will the proposal impact infrastructure capacities?
A: Ironclad Developments has retained consultants for traffic impact assessment, civil servicing plan and an environmental assessment. Ironclad Developments relies on professional studies to determine compatibility and required upgrades. Proceeding an internal review, Ironclad Developments will apply for a Development Permit to the City of Nanaimo. The City will circulate the application to various departments to ensure the proposal and necessary upgrades are sufficient.

Q: How will the proposal ‘fit’ with the character of the neighbourhood.A: The proposed design is aligned with the Nanaimo Downtown Plan & Downtown Urban Design Plan & Guidelines. The proposed purpose-built rental and multi-family “village” will provide existing and future residents with sustainable housing options.

Q: Who was consulted during for the Comprehensive Masterplan development?A: The Master Developer collaborated with the City of Nanaimo to create a vision for the area.

Questions from Neighbours - June 2021 Virtual Public Engagement Meeting

Q: The development proposal resembles a Vancouver-style density. Will this change the character of the neighbourhood?

A: The proposed development is consistent with the City of Nanaimo's plan, including form, function, density, future growth policies, and the zoning currently on most of the site. It is understood the development of any form may impact adjacent properties, and the collaborative development process attempts to find the best solution that meets the requirements of the City and the desires and/or concerns of the neighbours. Any stakeholder feedback received will assist in the development and design process.

Q: Why do you want to re-zone a portion of the property at the northern end from Medium Density Residential (R8) to Comprehensive District (CD-7)?

A: The majority of the site is zoned CD-7, with two smaller portions being zoned R8 and DT-12. We are proposing to re-zone the entire site to the CD zone so that the entire site will be under the same zoning district. The municipality will analyze the current conditions and determine if the proposed development is consistent with the City’s plan, future growth policies, and assist in the growth projections and goals for Downtown Nanaimo.

Q: How will the proposal impact your neighbours' existing views?

A: The development concept is based on the City of Nanaimo Downtown Plan, which encourages higher density development. Ironclad Developments is cognizant that any development may impact existing views from surrounding properties. The proposed six-storey buildings are taller than adjacent four to five-storey buildings. However, the proposed buildings are located within a topographic elevation drop of 5 to 8 metres between adjoining properties. The proposed six-storey buildings will match adjacent rooflines and include building orientation that preserves privacy from windows and balconies.

Q: How will street parking be accommodated?

A: The presented development exceeds required parking standards. The development is being designed to include sufficient resident and visitor parking to not rely on street parking.

Q: How long would it take for construction to be completed for this phase?

A: A building of this scale will take approximately 12 to 18 months and would only occur after the rezoning and development permit review processes have been completed. The exact construction time is determined by the final architectural design and construction method.

Q: Will the building foundation require bedrock removal?

A: Yes, some areas of the site will require bedrock removal. 

Q: How will the topography affect the building height?

A: The elevation drops 5 to 8m between the shared western property line. Theoretically, the first two stories would appear below grade. The proposal will be a significant change from the existing surface parking lot and the surrounding context will be considered as part of the design refinement.

Q: How tall are the 6-Storey buildings?

A: The exact dimension has not been determined. However, based on previous projects, each floor will be 3 to 3.3m in height totalling an approximate height of 18 – 19.8m. The exact height, look and feel of the building, detailed design, and materials will be finalized at the Development Permit application stage.

Q: What is the height of the townhomes along Mill Street?

A: The presented design currently includes 2-Storey townhomes along the Mill Street frontage.

Q: How will you ensure that this density will follow the "Walkable City" plan part of the OCP?

A: The presented conceptual design includes 2-Storey townhomes facing Mill Street. This will create a less imposing streetscape and mimic adjacent development. The development proposal will consist of universally accessible sidewalks and landscape design. The inclusion of electric car stalls and e-bikes will be determined as the development proposal progresses to the building permit stage. Most Ironclad developments include electric car stalls and bike rooms that provide e-bike charging stations.

Q: Will the proposal include a universally accessible design?

A: Yes. 

Q: Will the development include energy-efficient design?

A: The development proposal will be aligned with BC Energy STEP Code and will aim to meet/exceed those requirements. 

Q: In the Parking By-law does Area 5 cover this property?

A: Yes. The proposed parking ratio exceeds the required parking requirement standardized in Area 5 of the Parking By-law. In addition to the predominant zoning of the site – Comprehensive Development (CD-7) standards.

Q: Will there be a security plan to protect against vandalism? 

A: Yes. Ironclad Developments focuses on building purpose-built rental buildings, which are managed by a sister company Ironclad Properties. Our buildings always feature controlled security cameras and key code entries.  

Q: Are there opportunities for an in-person public engagement event?

A: Ideally, Ironclad Developments would prefer to host in-person meetings, but it will be dependent on current public health recommendations.

Q: How do you determine the required parking ratio?

A: Parking ratios are determined by a municipality's Parking or Zoning By-law. The City of Nanaimo establishes required off-street multi-family development parking provisions based on unit counts. For example, the property is located with Parking Area 5 and requires a parking ratio of 0.45 per studio unit, 0.50 per 1 bedroom, 0.90 per 2 bedrooms, and 1.20 per 3+ bedrooms. The development proposal exceeds the required 153 stalls by providing 167 stalls.

Q: How will the development impact traffic congestion?

A: Studies for Traffic Impact Assessment are under review and will be considered as part of the municipal review process. The studies will analyze the proposed density and model future growth scenarios. Initial findings indicate minimal to moderate traffic increase onto Prideaux Street and Comox Road.

Q: Are the proposed roads being designed to be right-in and right-out onto Comox Road?

A: Yes. The proposed vehicular circulation will be addressed in a Traffic Impact Assessment report and reviewed by the City of Nanaimo Traffic and Engineering Department. Ultimately, development approvals will be dependent on ensuring pedestrian and vehicular safety.

Q: Who is the City Planner managing this development?

A: Ironclad Developments has not submitted a formal Re-zoning Application to the City of Nanaimo and was not assigned a City Planner. However, a preliminary development proposal was reviewed by members of the Development Services Department of Nanaimo. 

Q: Are there any variances that require community support?

A: No, currently there are no identified variances associated with the conceptual design.


Q: What is the tenure for this development? 

A: The development will include a mix of 1,2, and 3 bedroom rentals. 

Q: Is there an allotment for subsidized housing?

A: There is no allotment for subsidized housing in this design.


Q: Where can we view the entire Masterplan for 1 Terminal Avenue?

A: The presented conceptual site plan for all of 1 Terminal Avenue illustrates a high-level sketch drawn during the beginning stages of the development process to assist in discussions with the City of Nanaimo. The landowner is currently refining the comprehensive Masterplan and is intending to have wider stakeholder engagement opportunities.

*FAQs will be revised after each round of Virtual Public Engagement Meetings

Virtual Public Engagement

We encourage stakeholders to learn more about the design and development process through watching a live recording of our Virtual Public Engagement Session hosted on June 2021. The Q&A discussion has been omitted from the live recording to protect our neighbours' confidentiality. The consolidated questions can be viewed under the FAQs



Thank you for your interest in this project.

If you have any questions about the development proposal, please contact Ironclad at: