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1 Terminal Avenue


Ironclad Developments is proposing to build multi-family housing on the western portion of 1 Terminal Ave.
The proposed housing will welcome seniors, young professionals & families to become a part of Downtown Nanaimo’s Urban Centre and enjoy adjacent natural amenities such as the Waterfront, Barsby Park & Bowen Park.



Ironclad Developments has conditionally acquired the Subject Properties (identified on map):

  • 55 Mill St

  • Western Portion of 1 Terminal Ave

  • 500 Comox Rd

The identified properties will become the first development part of a Comprehensive Masterplan for 1 Terminal Ave.
Adjacent properties include:

  • North: 4-Storey Multi-Family & Barsby Park

  • East: Townhomes, 3-Storey Multi-Family, Eastern portion  of 1 Terminal Ave & Harbourfront Walkway

  • South: Downtown Nanaimo

  • West: 4-Storey Multi-family, Commercial & Bowen Park



Ironclad Developments is exploring design options that are contextually sensitive to the community. The following images are early conceptual proposals of the design.

2021-04-23 13_32_23-Draft-Tillicum.pdf -


2021-04-23 13_31_25-Draft-Tillicum.pdf -

Underground Vehicular Parking

Bicycle Parking

Resident Amenity Space & Rooftop Terrace

Connection to Harbourfront Walkway & Downtown Nanaimo

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Pre-Application Meeting with the City of Nanaimo

Conduct Professional Studies for Traffic, Civil Servicing & Environmental Assessment

Host Meetings with Adjacent Neighbours

Receive & Review Feedback

Submit Development Applications to the City of Nanaimo

Host Webinar to Community

Receive & Review Feedback

Revise Development Application

Notify Community of Public Hearing

Public Hearing & Council Approval

Obtain Development  & Building Permits

Construction Start



Project Information

Q: Why is this site being developed?
A: The Nanaimo Downtown Plan identified the site as “Downtown Centre – Urban Node” and encourages various housing forms, including medium-density residential. The site is well connected to Downtown and the Waterfront and is a great place to build homes for seniors, young professionals and families.

Q: Who owns the site?
A: The site is a part of a Comprehensive Masterplan initiated by the Master Developer and City of Nanaimo. The Masterplan includes 1 Terminal Ave, 55 Mill St & 444/450 & 500 Comox Rd. Ironclad Developments has conditionally acquired the Subject Properties 55 Mill St, 500 Comox Rd and the western portion of 1 Terminal Ave and is proposing to build the first development apart of the Comprehensive Masterplan.

Q: How will the proposal ‘fit’ with the character of the neighbourhood.
A: The proposed design is aligned with the Nanaimo Downtown Plan & Downtown Urban Design Plan & Guidelines. The proposed purpose-built rental and multi-family “village” will provide existing and future residents with sustainable housing options.

Q: Will the proposed development include community upgrades (i.e. Improved public pathways or bicycle routes?
A: The site is well connected to the Waterfront and Downtown. Architectural features and universally accessible design are proposed along with the connections of Harbourfront Walkway & Comox Rd. In addition to the proposal, The City of Nanaimo requires developers to provide a Community Amenity Contribution fee to finance community upgrades. Further consultation with the City is required to determine off-site upgrades.

Q: Will the proposal impact infrastructure capacities?
A: Ironclad Developments has retained consultants for traffic impact assessment, civil servicing plan and an environmental assessment. Ironclad Developments relies on professional studies to determine compatibility and required upgrades. Proceeding an internal review, Ironclad Developments will apply for a Development Permit to the City of Nanaimo. The City will circulate the application to various departments to ensure the proposal and necessary upgrades are sufficient.

Q: Who was consulted during for the Comprehensive Masterplan development?
A: The Master Developer collaborated with the City of Nanaimo to create a vision for the area.

Questions from Neighbours

Q: How can stakeholders be informed of the development process?
A: For updates on the development proposal, residents are encouraged to visit the project web page.

*FAQs will be revised after each round of Virtual Public Engagement Meetings


Ironclad Developments will be hosting two (2) Virtual Public Engagement Meetings on:

June 22nd
12:00-1:30pm PST

June 22nd
7:00-8:30pm PST

To RSVP, please click the registration button below.

We look forward in receiving feedback, comments and questions you may have on our proposal. In the event that you are unable to attend, a recording of the presentation will be uploaded onto the project landing page after the scheduled sessions. 


Online Survey

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