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Templeton Ave. & Pipeline Rd.
Winnipeg, MB

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Ironclad Developments Inc. (Ironclad) is pleased to share our plans for an exciting new luxury multiunit development in Winnipeg’s new Amber Gates community.

The Amber Corners development will include three apartment buildings, four to six storeys in height. Located on the northeast corner of Templeton Avenue and Pipeline Road, Amber Corners will add more than 300 apartment units to a vibrant and rapidly growing neighbourhood. The development will include a range of multi-unit housing suitable for a diverse range of lifestyles, including young families and residents seeking an active, maintenance-free lifestyle.

Ironclad understands that neighbours and others living nearby may be interested in the progress of this proposed development. We invite you learn about the development proposal below and to fill out an online survey at the end of this project page.


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Amber Corner Site Context


Amber Corners is conveniently located near the many commercial amenities on McPhillips St and is close to Amber Trails Community School and Ecole Templeton. Groceries, restaurants, and other daily destinations are within a 5-minute drive, and about 10 minutes away by bike.

The site falls within the “New Communities” designation in Winnipeg’s Complete Communities Direction Strategy (‘Complete Communities’). Complete Communities considers New Communities to be one of several “Transformative Areas” within the city and encourages a range of housing options that create inclusive and complete communities.

Ironclad has been in correspondence with City of Winnipeg officials to discuss the development proposal and the plan approval application. Ironclad will submit our application for plan approval in November, 2021.

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Amber Corner Design Proposal


Ironclad is proposing a design for the Amber Corners development that will meet the objectives of the Complete Communities Direction Strategy and that strives to be compatible with the surrounding community.

The proposed development includes:

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3 Mid-Rise Apartment Buildings

2021-04-23 13_31_25-Draft-Tillicum.pdf -

Surface and Underground Vehicular Parking

Bicycle Parking

Indoor and Outdoor Resident Amenity Space

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The arrangement of these buildings on the site and the reduced building heights near neighbouring properties are intended to protect our neighbours’ privacy and to minimize any impact of shadows on nearby homes and yards.

Amber Corner Development Process




Winter 2021-22

Spring 2022

Pre-Application Meeting with City of WInnipeg Planners

Due Diligence Studies (Environmental & Geotechnical)

Prepare design concepts

Internal Review

Deliver Project Information to Neighbours and Stakeholders

Submit Plan Approval Application to the City of Winnipeg

Review by City Staff

Internal Review

Plan Approval Application Considered at Community Committee

Anticipated Approval

Anticipated Construction Start

Amber Corner FAQS


Project Information

Q: Why are apartment buildings being proposed for this site?
A: OurWinnipeg and the Complete Communities Direction Strategy encourage a mix of housing types and densities in New Communities like Amber Gates. In addition, the Court Avenue Precinct Plan designates this area for higher-density residential land uses. Ironclad is proposing to build apartment buildings on this site to meet the local demand for housing options to support a diverse range of lifestyles.

Q: Are there existing developments in the area that are comparable to the proposed building heights?

A: There are several 4-storey buildings nearby, and two 7-storey buildings to the east along Templeton Ave. Ironclad’s proposed design for Amber Corners steps building heights down from six storeys to four storeys at the north of the site to reduce impacts to neighbours.

Q: Who are the targeted demographics of the apartment rental units?

A: The housing units are suitable for a wide variety of tenants, including young professionals, families and retirees seeking an active, maintenance-free lifestyle. The development will include bachelor, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units to accommodate a range of household sizes. All Ironclad buildings and units are pet friendly.

Q: Does the proposed development comply with the zoning regulations for this site?
A: The proposed design for Amber Corners conforms to the existing zoning regulations for this property. Ironclad is not seeking any increase in density, or any relaxation of the maximum height limits or the minimum setback requirements under the RMF-L zoning adopted for this site by City Council in 2016.

Q: Is there a market demand for rental properties?
A: Yes, the community continues to show strong demand for quality rental housing.

Q: Will there be sufficient parking for the buildings’ tenants?
A: Yes, Ironclad will provide all required vehicular parking for residents and for visitors. Secure indoor bicycle parking will also be provided.

Q: How long will construction take?
A: Approximately 12 - 18 months after the development permit has been issued.

Q: How can stakeholders be informed of the development process?
A: Stakeholders are encouraged to refer to the project webpage for development updates.


Amber Corner Online Survey

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in this project.

If you have any questions about the development proposal, please contact Ironclad at

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